About the Buddy Check Network

The Buddy Check Network: Social Network for Seniors

Demographics reveal that the population of the United States is aging. With the first baby boomers turning 65 in 2011, by the year 2030, almost one out of five Americans - some 72 million people - will be 65 years or older

A considerable segment of the elderly population will strive to maintain their independence by living in their own homes and their adult children or friends will be impacted by the daily demands of their care giving role.

Caryl Technologies’ My Buddy Check is meeting the needs of caregivers and their loved ones with a supportive social network. BCN harnesses the power of speech recognition technology and delivers it through the telephone to create a care management system.

This user-friendly system automatically monitors loved ones or “buddies”- by calling them at scheduled times each day to determine if they need help or are in distress. The Buddy Check Alert System immediately contacts friends or family members-who are identified as “Buddies”-by phone, voice email, or text message if their loved needs help.

The appeal of the system is its ease of use and affordability. For as little as 67 cents a day, the Buddy Check Network gives you peace of mind knowing that Mom’s or Dad’s health condition is being monitored even when your busy work schedule limits the amount of time you can reach out and check in by phone.

Once a loved one is connected to the Buddy Check Network, they are linked in to a personalized wellness management system that proactively monitors chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD, etc. Our system can even place reminder phone calls for doctors’ appointments or prompt you to take and reorder your medications.

Individuals who are connected on the network exhibit better medication compliance and adherence to treatment plans because they are monitored through the series of scheduled calls.

Enjoy peace of mind from knowing that your personalized in-home monitoring system will automatically check on loved ones each day and summon help when needed.

Easy To Use

  • Automatically contacts you
  • No action needed to activate
  • Works even when unconscious

Easy To Start

  • No special equipment needed
  • No long contract needed
  • Works with your home or mobile phone

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Away From Home?

Temporary move, on vacation, or just away from home for a time?

The Buddy Check Network can be easily changed to contact you at your new location for as long as you wish. Now when you travel you can have the same monitoring and security you receive at home.

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