BCN Business Solutions

Benefiting From Voice and Mobile Technology

Handling Responses To Advertising

Retail businesses often promote their products through television commercials, email marketing, newspaper advertisements, or direct marketing campaigns resulting in a surge of telephone calls from customers placing orders or requesting additional information.
Managing call spikes is critical to a retail business's success. A sudden surge in call volumes can cause lengthy hold times for customers, increasing dropped calls, lost revenues, and frustrated customers. Simply adding more live agents is an expensive solution. In most cases, calls are repetitive and routine, and can be handled most efficiently with a voice-enabled self-service application, freeing sales representatives for more complex, higher revenue generating contacts.

Expanding Customer Service

Are you missing key opportunities to sell your products or services because you play a simple “Sorry were closed... Please call again” message when potential customers call before or after business hours?
You’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to get their attention and now you mighty lose them to a competitor who can provide the information they need any time of the day.
Many customers prefer self-service access for routine transactions, because their requests are handled immediately. They are satisfied with our fast and engaging service; because they are never placed on hold, and do not have to navigate complex touch-tone IVR systems

Here are just some of the things you can do with voice 24 hrs a day 7 days a week

  • Handle Order Transactions
  • Provide Complete Product Information
  • Service Request for Literature
  • Answer Product and Service Requests
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Provide Location & Direction To Your Business
  • Supply Order & Delivery Status
  • Track Direct Advertising Responses
  • and many more