Buddy Check Caregivers

Need A Little Assistance?


Are you caring for an elderly parent or loved one?

Caring for loved ones with your busy schedule and many family and job responsibilities is a challenge. At times important appointments or calls may be missed because you are sandwiched between your many daily responsibilities and your desire to care for your family member or loved ones. Sometimes all that is needed is a little help which would enable you to effectively juggle the many tasks you have to perform and still provide the loving attention needed.

The Buddy Check Network can help! With the network you create their condition will be monitored as often as you desire with a daily phone contact. If they request help or do not respond to an alert inquiry the Buddy Check Alert System is prepared to immediately notify you (or anyone you wish) by phone, voice, or text message so that needed assistance can be provided.

Our national platform enable us to offer service anywhere in the United States. Your alert system will be pre-programmed to contact family, friends, and caregivers. The Buddy Check Network will make sure that a live person on your list is contacted immediately.

As an optional service the Buddy Check Network office can provide a backup contact person if no one on your contact list is available. We will also determine the emergency dispatch numbers for your local Ambulance, Police, and Fire Departments. The Buddy Check Alert operators will speak to you and dispatch your local emergency personnel - Ambulance, Police or Fire Department if requested.

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