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Caryl Technologies, LLC has created pre-packaged voice based solutions geared for various businesses and consumers. We create, host, update, and maintain your complete voice system for a low monthly fee. We also have plans where you only pay for what you use. What could be easier?
WEP Alert Service

Monitor Loved Ones During Severe Weather

We created an in-home monitoring system (WEP) that automatically calls at scheduled times and checks on loved ones using their own home phone. WEP enables notification of family and friends by SMS and email even if the senior’s power or phone lines are disrupted.

Have peace of mind during any weather condition with just a phone call.
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Voice and Mobile Services

Are you looking for a compelling solution to increase revenue, acquire new customers, and build loyalty across your customer channels?

Superior customer service determines success in any retail environment. Voice-enabling technology is helping retailers deliver optimum customer care while reducing operational costs.
Buddy Check Network

Buddy Check Network

We understand that many seniors desire to remain independent and in their own homes for as long as possible.

The Buddy Check Network is designed to give you and your loved ones peace of mind. What could be better than knowing your in-home monitoring system is automatically checking on your loved ones daily and is able to summon help when needed?

Are you a caregiver?

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NewsWeek Magazine : SMS / Text messages are the fastest way to deliver a message to large groups of people.

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