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Taking Control of Diabetes

Do You Know Your Glucose and HbA1c (A1c) Levels?

Recent studies have shown that if you have diabetes, lowering your A1c levels by 1-2% can reduce you chance of stroke, kidney and eye disease by over 70% .

According to the American Diabetes Association, access to quality treatment is important and patient education is critical. "People with diabetes can reduce their risk for complications if they are educated about their disease, learn and practice skills necessary to better control their blood glucose levels, and receive regular checkups from their health care team."

There is an old saying that “what gets measured gets done” This underscores that the first steps to controlling and lowering your A1c levels is tracking it 

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We have developed a novel M-Health Solution: "My Buddy Check SMS", based on a unique text-messaging system designed to deliver individually targeted scheduled messages and alerts for you and your support network.

  • Create your personal medical e-diary
  • Stay educated about your condition
  • Track any changes instanly
  • Improve your Quality of Life (QOL)
  • Regularly monitor and control blood glucose levels
  • Automatic updates to your health care team
  • Share readings with your Doctor easily
  • Network available 24/7
  • Build a your own mobile support network
  • Keep family caregivers updated*

View Your Saved Reading Charts by Smartphone, Blackberry, or Web!

Registered members can monitor their reading on their mobile phones and computer by visiting their secure personal web portal at: My Report and entering their Personal Identification Number (PIN). To Get your personal PIN Contact us for more information.
  • View and track reading 24/7
  • View on any Smartphone
  • View Web and Email
  • *Send as Fax or Email to your Primary Care Doctor
  • *Send as Fax or Email to your Homecare Provider
  • Secure access

Registered members can view their currently saved readings on their computer or mobile phone web browser by using this link: My Reports

* Our paid version allows members to build their own health related social networks by adding up to 10 Friends, Caregivers, and Family Members and then share progress with each along with their medical providers to encourage improved health. Contact us for more information.
NOTE All users of the BCN Alerts Monitoring agree by use to our Terms and Conditions.

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(Note*) Our paid model allows members to monitor other medical conditions and build their own health related social networks by adding up to 10 Friends & Family Members and sharing progress with each other and their medical providers to encourage improved health.

For more information or question and support Contact Us

"BCN Message Formats"

NOTE All users of the BCN Alerts Monitoring agree by use to our Terms and Conditions.
  • Enter each Field Code on a new line or seprate with a SPACE
  • (Case does not matter)
  • Format is: SVC Field Code
  • *****************
  • Service code keys
  • *BCNREG = Registration
  • *BCNACT to Activate new alert schedule
  • *SAVE to Save medical reading
  • *RPT to View logged readings
  • *LIST to View saved schedules
  • *****************
  • Field Codes
  • FN  = First name
  • LN = Last name
  • ZIP = USA zip code or country postal code
  • EMAIL (Optional) = Email address for Blackberry or Smartphone
  • PHONE = Members mobile phone number. The is a key security field as only the registered phone numbers will be able to access the BCN. USA phone numbers must be 10 digits (no dashes)
  • Example :8009037104
  • *****************
  • When saving readings use condition code to denote type.
  • BS and Blood Sugar as a number 000
  • FAST  Record if eaten in last (6) hour or not.
  • Y if have NOT eaten
  • N if Have eaten
  • *****************
  • Viewing Reports (RPT code) use COND code to select what condition to view
  • *COND BS for Blood Sugar report
  • (for others Contact us)

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