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News and Press Releases

  • Jan 30, 2013: Caryl Technologies, LLC announces the launch of a New Personal Weather Emergency Program (WEP) for seniors that live alone

    A WEP is a 30 day Weather Emergency Program (WEP) subscription that can be activated whenever there is a severe weather condition that could present a danger to seniors who live alone. It creates an in-home monitoring system that automatically calls at scheduled times and checks on loved ones using their own home phone. WEP enables notification of family and friends by SMS and email even if the senior's power or phone lines are disrupted.
    Call 800-903-7104 for more information. Download Press Release
  • May 5, 2009: Caryl Technologies, LLC will be Siliver Sponsor for the Microsoft Enterprise Developer Conference held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York city. May 5-6, 2009.
  • April 15, 2009: The Buddy Check Network was featured on the Microsoft Startup Zone "Microsoft Startup of the Day" Blog. It highligts the company's goals and technology. George Morrison interviewed Bob Matlack the Chief Marketing Officer of the company.
  • January 21, 2008: Gerald E Green, President/CEO of Caryl Technologies, LLC was interviewed about the MyBuddyCheck network on The Art Fennell Report by Janet Zappala during the weekly CN8 Art Fennell Report. . This show was seen in the Maine  to Virginia, areas.
  • November 21, 2007: MyBuddyCheck was featured by Janet Zappala during the nightly CN8 Art Fennell Report. Rebroadcast of the show are available on the Comcast On-Demand menu.
  • Sept 26, 2007: MyBuddyCheck Voice System is featured on CBS 3 TV report by Mary Stoker Smith
  • Sept 16, 2007: President and CEO Gerald E.Green was interviewed on the Sunday morning CBS Eyewitness News at 7. He introduced the new Buddy Check Service Network and explained how the system is designed to provide friends and family peace of mind from knowing that his in-home monitoring system will automatically check on loved ones each day. Read more about it here…
  • Media Contact: Pam Carroll Carroll Consulting Group
  • Press Release: Caryl Technologies, LLC launches new service for caregivers. Click here to download a copy.