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The Buddy Check Service is easy to setup

Have your system call you or your loved one using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to determine if they need help. We offer a variety of monitoring and alert services that can be up and running in as little as 1 hour. You decide the level of monitoring you want; Weekly, bi-weekly, daily or even multiple times a day.

Our Buddy Check Network is designed to assist you with this goal. Achieve peace of mind for you and your family knowing that our system will automatically check on you each day and summon help when needed.

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  • No special equipment needed
  • Uses your standard home telephone
  • Flexible call schedules
  • Affordable
  • Notification text message sent to your contact's mobile phone after each monitoring call
  • Calls transferred immediately to your primary contact person while you are on the line when help needed
  • Calls made to each backup contact person until one answers
  • Backup SMS text message is sent to primary and secondary contact's mobile phone

Available Calling Schedules:

Weekly Calls

Montioring calls made once every (7) day period on the day you select.

Daily Calls

Montioring call made each 24 hour period on the day and time you select.

Custom Calling

Montioring calls made one or more days every (14) day period on the days you select.

Special Service Calls

Multiple montioring calls made each day at the times you select.

Medical Alert Device Options Now Available!

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Integrated Medical Alert Service

"Peace of mind is just a phone call away"

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