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Weather Emergency Program (WEP)

New Personal Emergency Monitoring Program for seniors during severe weather!

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A WEP is a 30 day Weather Emergency Program (WEP) subscription that can be activated whenever there is a severe weather condition that could present a danger to seniors who live alone.

WEP creates an in-home monitoring system that automatically calls at scheduled times and checks on loved ones using their own home phone. WEP enables notification of family and friends by SMS and email even if the senior’s power or phone lines are disrupted.

By calling 800-903-7104 or contacting us, family members, caregivers, or seniors can register for a 30 day My Buddy Check WEP membership and not activate it until there is a weather emergency.


At that time, they simply call, email, or SMS us (See side bar 'How To Activate Your WEP Subscription) to activate their registered WEP and for the next 30 days loved ones will receive the full services of My Buddy Check’s daily monitoring service with status updates to family and friends.
  • No longer will seniors be trapped in their own homes during bad weather and find themselves cut-off from family and friends for an extended period.
  • No longer will they run out of needed medications, household supplies, suffer from hypothermia due to cold weather conditions, or hyperthermia in heat waves

My Buddy Check WEP membership cost start at less than $10 so anyone can have peace of mind from knowing that this safety net is in place and ready for immediate use when needed.

Be Ready For All Severe Weather Conditions:

Heat Advisories!




Subscribe today and be prepared for any weather emergency

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How To Activate Your WEP Subscription

Once you have subscribed for the WEP Service you can activate it immediately or at any time by Email, Text Message, or Phone.

To start the service by Email or Text Message send the following to: bcn@bcnmsg.com

*Note message must be formatted as shown:


"member’s phone #"


WEBSTART FOR 8888043622

This would start the WEP service with alert calls to 888-804-3622 twice a week for 30 days starting on the day you activated the service.

To Activate by phone call: 866-900-4365